Small World – fun, new board game. I first played it a few weeks ago when we were in Austin. I liked it so much that I decided I needed it. The way I’ve been describing it is that it’s kind of like Risk in that everyone gets an army and you conquer lands to score points. The difference in this game is that you get fantasy based races (orcs, elves, wizards, ratmen) and each race also gets a random modifier (hill, dragon master, commando) so you end up with combinations like Commando Elves, Seafaring Halflings, Flying Trolls… Both the race and modifier each have a special power associated with it, for example wizards get extra points for occupying magic areas and flying gives your units the ability to conquer nonadjacent areas. The replayability of the game comes from the many combinations that can come up. As an extra bonus, if you ever end up deciding that you’ve figured out every situation, you can always make up new units and modifiers. While out shopping yesterday, we came across one of the mini expansions for the game and got it. Robynne and I have been having lots of fun with the game so far.

Warcraft Shirt – Robynne actually got this, not me. Twas a birthday present from Mat and Millie. That particular shirt doesn’t have many customer pictures on the JINX website, I wonder if I can get Robynne to pose with some of my weapons and the shirt.

Rurouni Kenshin – I finally completed my manga collection of Rurouni Kenshin. Huzzah!

More Dice! – While at the game store where we found the expansion for Small World, Robynne found a d20 she needed. I didn’t want to be left out so I got one too.

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