New laptop – Asus G73JH, I love it. Value wise, it was hard to find anything comparable. This is the first time I’ve gotten a top of the line video card and it’s great. I’m able to play games that I purchased on sale that my previous computers weren’t able to play. Except for Bioshock, it keeps crashing on me. Problem is related to my sound card and I can’t seem to fix it. So sad.

I got Batman: Arkham Asylum for my computer, beat the story mode in like a week, then completed everything else possible in the game about a month later. Well, I still have to beat the story mode on hard, but I’m already 25% through that. I’ve also been trying to work myself into the top ten on the leaderboards. Managed to snag #1 on one of the stealth levels. I’m ahead of #2 by a good 8 seconds.

Not faring so well in Street Fighter 4 though. I think since they games been out for almost 2 years, practically no new players play it online anymore. And so, when I try to fight anyone, it’s always against experts and I lose. Badly. I believe my win percentage is like 10%.

I took up Kyudo, Japanese archery, last month. I was looking for some kind of hobby to take up as an alternative to raiding in WoW when I first moved up to CO. For some reason, I never went through with it. Finally went to visit at the beginning of May and now I’m going regularly. Managed to hit my wrist 4 times with the bow string on my third day shooting, thankfully it hasn’t happened again.

I’m really only updating cause Robynne isn’t home. She’s off at a physics conference. Going to be heading out to watch The Karate Kid with some friends soon. In fact, I should probably get going now…