Back in 2001, I used to draw a webcomic, called 1223 (it was named after my birthday, Dec 23). It was a silly, random thing – involving me and a friend, Robynne, and an evil teddy bear called Evil Newton. It was hosted on Keenspace, a webcomic hosting company that has long since died and been rebranded as something else. I stopped making 1223 for some reason, but I really can’t remember why. It made it to 50 comics.

Some time passes and I decide to make a new comic. I continue to call it 1223, but now it had a different storyline and was in full color, oooh fancy. This one focused on a group of my friends just having fun. This made it to about 30 something strips.

So after the 2nd iteration of 1223, my then girlfriend’s (now wife) brother was making his own webcomics. They were talking about making their own website with php and mysql. I said I could do it for them as it would give me a chance to learn it. So I made their site and decided that I needed one of my own. Thus, the first site was born.

To go with the new site, I made a new comic, which I decided should be called The Nerdy Life. It was basically a continuation of the 2nd version of 1223, but formatted more like a comic, rather than a strip.

Then, the server that that was hosted on got hacked. The company was in the middle of being bought and everything was just screwed up. I canceled my account and went to another company. I kept up the comic for a bit but it’s since been neglected again.

Now, I’ve converted the site to WordPress. I’m not saying I’ll make any more comics, but who knows, WordPress makes it easier for me to post things when I want to, so maybe stuff will show up.